Write for Us

Are you an environment protection advocate? Got any best eco-friendly practices or trail experience to share? We’d love to hear your story and share it with the rest of the world through our blog!

We welcome submissions from our blog readers and followers. Here are some pointers to help you make sure that your piece is worth sharing with our audience:

Guest post guidelines

  • Topic – Your article must tackle any topic within our niche. It has to be about any environment topic or issue relating to trail activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. Articles with themes that go against our mission and advocacy will not be published.
  • Article length – Your guest post must be between 300 to 700 words. If it’s at 1,000+ words, we might consider posting it as long as it’s packed with helpful information (like a how-to guide or a really interesting story related to our niche) and not just filled with fluff.
  • Quality – We don’t have time to edit each submission we receive, so we’d appreciate if you take the time to proofread your work and rid it of grammatical errors. We don’t expect spectacular, impeccably written posts—we just require our guest posts to have a clear message and be easy to understand by our target audience.
  • Originality – We don’t accept articles that are merely copied from anywhere on the internet.
  • Images – Provide at least one high-quality image that’s related to your article’s theme. Stock photos are fine, as long as there’s no copyright violation.
  • Links – Only links to informative sites are allowed. No commercial or promotional links, please.

Think you can come up with a guest post that fits our blog? Submit your guest post via email to Daniel Hart (info@keptrack.com.au).