Go Kep!


Kep (Gep) is a Noongar word for water.


This multi use trail right on Perth’s doorstep can be enjoyed by all through a range of access points and trail heads. Built mainly on rail reserve, the trail has a low gradient and compacted gravel surface. Links to public transport (buses and trains), parking areas along the way and a range of options from a 1 - 2 hour walk, a bush outing for you and your horse or a cycle adventure of several days make this a great recreational alternative for locals and visitors alike. Learn while you go and discover more about your past and the world around you.


Links will be coming soon giving even more details on the many exciting things you can see, do and enjoy on the various sections of the Kep Track 

            • Weir to Mundaring
            • Mundaring to Sawyers
            • Sawyers to Mount Helena
            • Mount Helena to Chidlow
            • Chidlow to Wooroloo
            • Wooroloo to Wundowie
            • Wundowie to Bakers Hill
            • Bakers Hill to Clackline
            • Clackline to West Northam tanks
            • West Northam tanks to Northam 



Join the first Mountain Bike Challenge for Camp Quality! Sunday 7 September 2008 will be Perth’s first Police Commissioner’s Mountain Bike Challenge for Charity! Link to the Commissioner's Mountain Bike Challenge website.




Getting the Brochure


Copies of the Kep Track brochure are widely available through tourist and recreational outlets and from the National Trust. If you can't find a copy of the Kep Track Brochure at one of these locations, download it from the link below.

Kep Track Brochure (Map)

Cycle, walk or ride a horse, but definitely no cars!

You are invited to travel as prospectors of 100 years ago did as they rushed to the goldfields

For other places to cycle visit the Munda Biddi Foundation website Munda Biddi Foundation