What to look for in a built-in BBQ

When planning for a family get together event during the festive season, barbecuing is too good to be left out in the list of events for the celebration. It doesn’t matter if it is a family gathering, birthday celebrations, or any other functions that bring people together, barbecuing maxes up the day. That said, be reminded that barbecuing is not a ping pong thing; it needs prior planning. Count yourself lucky because today I am going to give you a list of specs and features to shop out for a built-in BBQ.

Some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a BBQ grill include:

1.         Gas type

2.         Performance

3.         Size of the BBQ

4.         Materials

5.         Other features

Now let’s have a look at each one of the above things you should remember when you try to find the top built in BBQ in Australia.

Gas type

Don’t allow yourself to fall for the notion that ‘gas is a gas.’ It isn’t. Different gases have different qualities and benefits. For the gases used with BBQ, there are two appropriate, although they almost always give the same amount of heat energy. The season of usage is what makes the difference. One is suitable for both winter and summer seasons while the other one is suitable for summer only because it can heed to freezing during the winter season.  For a good reason, use the gas recommended for the type of barbecue you bought. A point of caution: gases are highly flammable; if you see fire outside of the grills, close the lid to starve oxygen supply, if you can reach out without danger. The lids get hot easily, so aftermath, let it cool down for some time, it is better to have burned foods than burned hands! Take caution.


Check the physical size of the BBQ in question before placing an order because pictures of BBQ can be deceiving, also the grills often appear bigger than those in the photos. This might not be an issue if you have plenty of space, but if in the urban setup, it becomes an issue to be considered. Some advanced grills provide flexibility in tables that fold up to safe space if it is an issue.


While shopping around for a BBQ, compare the performance of different grills, and settle for the one that adds you more units in terms of BTUs.


  •  Barbecues are popularly made from cast iron because it is cheap, durable and readily available, although they can rust easily and hard to clean. To prevent rusting, use powder coating outside of the grills.
  • Grills made from aluminium doesn’t rust, and they are easy to clean, lightweight, and they are good for tables but not for the cooking area because they can easily melt. They give an aesthetic look to the BBQ though.
  •  Grills made from chromed steel or nickel-plated steel are used for racks in most cases. They are expensive, but then again, they are durable. They are worth the price.
  •  Stainless steel enjoys all the features of aluminium grills and is more durable than chrome and nickel-plated steel. They provide a sheen that is good looking. Again easy to clean whey the color turns to something else.
  • Porcelain coatings on the grills provide a captivating appearance on your grills apart from being easy to clean.