Tyres Kallangur: The proper way to maintain tyres

Tyres are an important part of your vehicle. Properly maintained tyres ensure road safety, plus can help save money as well. The following are a few tips for ensuring that your tyres stay good as new. Following these tips would increase the longevity of the tyres and would help increase the fuel efficiency as well.

  • Make sure that the tyres are properly inflated. Tyres which aren’t inflated properly tend to underperform on the road. Also you would find it difficult to break, steer or accelerate the car due to this very issue. The pressure should be checked on a regular basis.
  • In order to extend their life, rotate the tyres on a regular basis. The tyres should be rotated every four to six months or for every 10’000km the car has been driven.
  • The wheels should be aligned on a yearly basis. If you use the car more often, it should be done sooner. Daily wear and tear can cause the tread on the tyres to wear off.
  • Make sure you carry out monthly inspections. Check for signs of debris lodged into the wheels. Stray objects or anything else which might cause a bulge needs to be taken out or might result in a puncture.
  • Some countries require that the tyres should be changed according to the seasons. They have separate tyres for summers and winters. The design of both differs to match the needed driving conditions.
  • It may seem budget friendly to change just one or two tyres but it’s not an effective solution. It can have a major impact on the drive quality as well. In order to make sure that you have a safe and comfy ride, plan on changing all four tyres at exactly the same time.
  • Replace tyres when required. The experts at Tyres Kallangur suggest taking a look at the treads for indication.
  • Also ensure that your tyres are balanced. Tyres which aren’t balanced properly can wear off much faster and therefore need to be replaced more often. The next time you decide to rotate the tyres, make sure they are balanced as well.
  • When a puncture occurs, make sure it’s mended immediately. Visit a mechanic to help mend the puncture.
  • Your spare tyre should be well cared for as well. The tyres when stored should be clean and free from debris. Also look out for signs of gasoline or grease on the tire. These can actually cause the rubber to become damaged over a longer period of time. The next time you store the spare wheel, make sure you give it a proper cleaning.
  • When storing tyres indoors, use a clean, cool and dark place for storage. If planning to store outdoors make sure to use a covering to prevent access moisture from getting into the tyres.

The proper maintenance would ensure that you don’t have to replace the tyres any time sooner. Plus it can also ensure your safety while driving. Well cared for tyres Kallangur give better mileage and can keep the ride much more comfortable.