Outstanding Features of the E-Series Compact John Deere Tracks

John Deere incorporated all the things that the customers like to have in their tractors with the E-Series Compact John Deere tracks. The addition of outstanding features in the E-Series models makes a working day more productive and seamless.

The core elements of the E-Series Compact John Deere tracks are commonly shared by all four models which include:


The coolers of Deere’s track loaders are not inundated with amounts of debris when they only run on a need basis. It is because the hydraulics and engine of the loaders are integrated with an auto-shutdown system. When limits are reached, the machine automatically shuts down. This action minimises potential damage to happen unlike when there’s no check and balance in the amount of debris flowing through the coolers.

The boom does not have to be raised either when it’s time for yearly servicing. The removable side panels under the hood provide easy access to the filters, coolers, and battery.

Enhanced Comfort

The John Deere E-Series Compact track loaders do not sacrifice comfort despite their small size. A bigger amount of legroom is provided by the flat floors and going in and out is easily accommodated by the large entryways.

Riding the tractor all day long can become quite uncomfortable. Not with the automotive-style HVAC system, air-ride suspension seat, and the all-around visibility features of the Deere’s compact loader.

In addition, a phone holder, storage box, and cup holder easily allow you to bring a couple of your things along while working. Opting for other features such as an AM/FM weather-band radio are top features that can increase productivity without even trying.

Boosted Productivity

The features and designs of the E-Series make them capable of boosting productivity in all types of working demands and needs. Digging, pushing, and prying power is superbly delivered by the usable power and ample torque rise of the diesel engines.

The excellent balance, low centre of gravity, and high-ground clearance design of the compact loaders help operators to easily get around in all types of spaces and terrain. Having up to 9,425 lbs loading capacity allows the E-Series compact loader to easily place materials and pallets to their rightful places.

Bumps in the road can slow down speed as well as make the ride uncomfortable. Opting to add shock-absorbing boom cylinders to the compact loader cushions the ride and allows the right working speed in all types of terrain.

Great structure

Tracks are the things that the E-Series John Deere compact loaders are built on. The strength and power needed for any type of project are delivered by the heavy-duty upper links and big cross-section boom arms that all sit on tracks made of double-reinforced steel.


All John Deere E-Series Compact loaders include the standard EH joystick. However, customising the attachment and vehicle response is by adding the EH Joystick Performance Package. The benefits of opting for the Joystick Performance Package include:

  • Critical machine info is seen on an overhead panel
  • A wealth of information from advanced diagnostics to operating conditions with the clear view provided by an LCD monitor

The solid-rock reputation of John Deere is further enhanced as they do everything to satisfy customers over the years. The E-Series Compact John Deere Track loaders provide another timely solution for operations that require much of everything from a piece of machinery. Contact us at tkv.com.au/brands/john-deere to know more about other John Deere Track models.