Office Furniture in Brisbane

Office furniture is a set of items that are used to provide office functionality and are categorised into three; office furniture, office supplies, and office technology. Office furniture often is the major items that make up an office and can last for a long time. They are expensive, costing hundreds and thousands of dollars. Although different offices require different furniture needs, there is some contemporary furniture you are sure to see in most office setups today.

You will need a professional and experienced consultant to give you ideas on what your furniture requirements may entail. For instance, ergonomic chairs, hutches, custom desks, visitors, meeting chairs, hospitality seating, boardroom tables, file cabinets, height-adjustable tables, steel frame tables, other office accessories like floor mats, carpets, and table mats and much more. I am going to feature the common furniture you are likely to see in a modern office.

Office Desk

Office desks provide most office owners with the working space, a space to hold your computer unit, a place to write on, a place to read on, and a place to make and take phone calls. It is on the desk where you conduct interviews or attend to clients and maybe holding meetings. Materials used to make desks may vary from wood, metal, glass or plastic and they normally proved a flat surface, sometimes with custom designs to hold computers, monitors and with provisions for computer cables and a place to hold the keyboard and mouse. Today, desks meant to hold computers may not offer storage compartments.

Office Chair

An office chair is a natural piece of furniture that normally goes hand in hand with office desks. They are of different kinds available in a typical office. Executive chairs are very expensive chairs often made with leather covering with higher backs. Also with adjustments than other chairs meant for clients. They often have wheels that rotate 360 degrees and floor wheels for mobility.

Office partitioning boards

Often made from wooden boards to give office partitions for different officers in one office setting. They form small cubicles under one overall office space. Instead of one huge hall, partitioning will make the place look nice and more professional, clients feel secure when they are being served.


A hutch is a large wooden cabinet, mainly purchased to provide additional storage space in an office.

They may be available with desks but hutches are mainly for storage partitions for books or CDs and letter size shelves. There are other types of hutches with a flat surface suitable for serving office light food and tea or coffee.


This may be smart whiteboards or the normal whiteboards used for training purposes. They could be wheeled or ease of mobility or fixed on the walls. As for smart whiteboards, they are synced with a computer for larger display as compared to monitors, they are suitable for class training, and much more.

If you are considering equipping your office and don’t know where to start, I strongly advise you to check out your Brisbane office furniture options or purchase them online for doorstep delivery and sometimes after-sale services like office equipment assembly with little extra charges. Doing it this way will save you a struggle of setting up the office place.