5 Environment-Friendly Equestrian Travel Tips that Every Horseback Rider Must Remember

By itself, horseback riding is an eco-friendly alternative to driving a noisy ATV when you’re going on a trail adventure. But did you know that you can make that activity even safer for the environment?

Here are the ways to make sure that your ride is good for the environment when you’re exploring a trail:

1. Cut down on waste

Bring reusable cookware, utensils, and container so that you won’t have to dispose of any trash when you go horseback riding. Instead of bringing water in a disposable plastic bottle, opt for a reusable water container. Use an eco-friendly soap as well to avoid chemicals to pollute the soil, lakes, and rivers on the trail.

2. Tie up and graze your horse using low-impact techniques

Never tie your horse to trees or bushes because it can damage them. Also, avoid grazing your horse near bodies of water like a river or lake. Instead, use a lower-impact technique such as picketing or hobbling to secure your riding buddy without harming anything on the trail.

3. Pick a local guide

Support the locals who practice sustainable and responsible eco-tourism by getting the services of a local guide.

4. Keep your horse’s hooves clean

Before you enter a trail, check your horse’s hooves to make sure they’re clean and won’t cause the spread of weeds and plant diseases.

5. Respect nature and wildlife

As you go riding with your horse, be quiet and just enjoy the beautiful view without yelling so that you don’t disturb the animals living there. Keep your distance from the animals you meet on your way, and resist the temptation to feed them.

When you’re on a horseback riding vacation, be mindful of your surroundings and your actions. May these five horseback travel tips guide you through your entire experience without harming nature.